GoalINSIGHTS Enhances Investor Engagement to Achieve Financial Goals

If financial planning software is the tool that enables investors to map out their journey to their goals (i.e. going from Point A to Point B), GoalINSIGHTS is the GPS solution that tracks progress in real time, along that journey.

Yet every destination – or financial goal – is unique to the investor, and there are many different paths to get there. Depending on the goal, the journey can be long and arduous. GoalINSIGHTS makes that journey as engaging as possible through personalization, accurate progress tracking, actionable recommendations, and gamification.

Personalization of the Investment Experience

While GoalINSIGHTS offers pre-defined goals, such as retirement and education goals, the platform also allows for flexibility based on each investor’s unique needs. Depending on the investor, any savings goal can be addressed with GoalINSIGHTS.

Real-Time, Accurate Progress Tracking

The user interface allows investors to visualize their progress and see their financial goals to completion. Real-time data provided are accurate and realistic.

Actionable Activities to Achieve Financial Goals

Built-in features and smart algorithms help with decision making and recommending actionable next steps. GoalINSIGHTS is also AI-enabled, offering advice and helpful content through predictive analytics.

Gamification Makes GoalINSIGHTS Fun to Use

By gamifying the platform, investors have fun tracking their progress and working to achieve their goals. Investors and advisors are encouraged to interact with the platform often, leading to higher engagement rates.

Use GoalINSIGHTS to Enhance Investor Engagement

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