Goal-Based Investing Increases Probability of Achieving Financial Objectives

Does investing make you feel like you’re watching paint dry? Investing shouldn’t be boring. But investing also isn’t meaningful without proper goals, which is why Univeris created the GoalINSIGHTS to make investing more engaging for investors and advisors.

Investors who are unengaged may not realize the health of their finances. As a result, they may end up spending too much or investing randomly based on instinct rather than use a structured approach. Goal-based investing allows investors to navigate their financial goals with precision and control. In turn, this allows for more personalization of investing experiences based on the individual investor — including setting their own unique objectives, tracking their progress in real-time and seeing them through to completion.

Three Main Benefits of Goal-Based Investing

  • 1. It reduces the risk of not achieving the goal. Risk is defined as the probability of not achieving your goals, which is how investors intuitively feel. With goal-based investing, advisors design portfolios to meet specific goals rather than trying to earn the highest possible return or beat the market.

2. Advisors and investors work together. Investors these days are willing to put in more effort with their advisors and stay informed.

3. It increases overall investor engagement. According to a 2016 study by TD Ameritrade, those who had goal-planning were significantly more likely to feel financially prepared to reach their goals.

Goal-Based Investing with GoalINSIGHTS

The Univeris goal tracking solution offers the ability to set and track various goal types, including savings and insurance. The built-in trackers show real time calculation of achieved versus expected progress of goals, and the system is also equipped to use AI, which offers advice through predictive analytics. Another feature is when faced with a difficult decision, it offers pointed education and content to aid in your decision-making.

Univeris GoalINSIGHTS is here to make it easy for investors and advisors to stay in control of attaining financial goals. To learn more about GoalINSIGHTS, complete the form below.